About Us

About Us

Greetings from our family farm and business! We are young farmers growing asparagus and strawberries in Armstrong, BC. Armstrong Farm Co. is owned and operated by Andrew and Miranda Reimer, with their little boy Layton (1), and Henry and Tara LaRae Reimer. Individually, we each have a farming heritage, from grain, livestock, and produce farming to dairy farming. Together, we are excited to be producing locally grown food with trust-worthy and sustainable farming practices. We are fortunate to be supported, both financially and physically, by hard-working and motivated family who significantly influence our ability to be successful in our endeavors.


Asparagus is the first local crop of the year! It requires specific growing conditions that are found in our rural area. We build on the hard work of past asparagus farmers who earned Armstrong its excellent reputation for asparagus.

We grow three asparagus varieties originating from Guelph, Ontario: Guelph Millennium, Guelph Eclipse, and Guelph Equinox. The Eclipse and Equinox varieties are earlier producers and have slightly thicker spears than the Millennium. Asparagus is a perennial that, if well-taken care of, can produce for fifteen to twenty years.

Our asparagus season typically begins in early May and lasts six to eight weeks.


Just when asparagus is coming to an end, strawberry season starts, beginning in late June and lasting about one month. 

We grow our strawberries for their quality and taste, not for their shelf-life. They are large, juicy, and red all the way through.

In addition to our pre-picked berries, we offer strawberry u-pick in a clean, hand-weeded patch.